View the Beautiful mountains of Colorado on horseback arranged thru Lobo Outfitters based here at the Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park. We offer a variety of rides for everyone to enjoy. We have trail rides for those that have never been on a horse before or those that prefer adventure, overnight pack trips.
Tours are done at feeding time so people can see just what the animals are eating and also get a personal tour full of information about the animals as a species and about them individually. During the tour the animals come up close to the fencing and sometimes you may be surprised by a growl or a hiss from a mountain lion or at how gentle and delicate the bear picks his food from his bowl. Tours usually last approximately an hour.

The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a privately owned facility that has been in operation since 1986. Our purpose here is to be able to educate people about the animals in this area. We also give people the chance to see these beautiful animals up close in what would be their natural habitats. By trying to keep everything as natural as possible for them it helps them to feel at ease in their enclosures even with people walking so close to their dens or houses.

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Wildlife Education : Things For Kids To Do

Our education room has hands-on learning experiences for kids of all ages. We have stuffed wild animals {bears, lions, badgers, and more...} for close up viewing.


Richard H. Ray dba Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park and Lobo Outfitters