The Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park is a privately owned facility in operation since 1986. Our purpose is to educate people about native Colorado wildlife and provide an opportunity to see these beautiful animals up close in natural habitats.


All of our animals are non-releasable. Some are rescues from people who had them as pets and realized they don’t make good pets or they were orphaned and DOW declared them non-releasable due to their lack of fear of people. Others were born in captivity either at our facility or at another facility.  We strive to keep them all content and healthy. 

Video made in 2005.

Regardless of their history, our animals have lost their natural fear of people and do not have the skills to survive in the wild.  If released, they would most likely be killed trying to get to people for food or starve to death due to lack of survival skills. Additionally, none of our animals are candidates for rehabilitation for release to the wild due to human acclimation. Their only other option would be death if they were not in a zoo.

Come join us at the park and learn about each of our animals and their unique stories.

This facility receives no state or federal funding and relies solely on donations, admissions, and sales proceeds from the gift shop.

Summer Hours
May 15th through Oct 31
Open daily 9am -6pm
7 days a week
Feeding tour: 4:00 each day

Winter Hours
Nov 1st through May 14th
7 days a week
Monday - Saturday 11am - 4pm
Sunday  1pm - 4pm
Feeding tour: 2:00 each day
Richard H. Ray dba Rocky Mountain Wildlife Park and Lobo Outfitters